Yesterday we celebrated new life. The planting of a church is likened to a birth and baptisms represent the new life that God gives through faith in Jesus' life, death, and resurrection. 

Below are photos from social media taken of the day. The Gospel was preached, two people were baptized, over 80 people came to worship, and we all shared an amazing BBQ dinner together afterward. All of that is sheer grace.

But, like a birth, the planting of a church is just the starting line. We pray that God would use our young church to proclaim the Gospel, see people come to faith in Jesus, worship deeply and passionately, and cultivate a thriving community for generations to come.

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One more [baptism pic] because it was awesome, prayed for my sis and brothers ever since I became a Christian. And I’ve been able to see my husband baptize all 3 of my siblings! #bygracealone
— Elisha
Officially baptized! Thank you #God , @mktamondong , @nickbogardus, @crossofchristoc , and all my friends and family who have been with on this journey.
— Ron