Thanksgiving & Advent 

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! It was awesome to see our young church come together as a community. Some folks opened their homes and dinner to people without a place to spend the holiday and, as a church, we had a Thanksgiving potluck dinner the Sunday before.

We’ve been grateful to have seen the children’s ministry grow in the past few weeks. For the first two months, our children’s ministry consisted of our two daughters but yesterday we had 8 kids at church! 

Lastly, it has also been great to see our team get so excited for our first Advent together. Everyone came together to make the season celebratory and distinct by making decorations, serving hot cider, and participating in the services.

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Grab a Shirt & Support the Work

We also made some great Cross of Christ t-shirts that you can get for yourself or as a Christmas present. 100% of all the proceeds go towards the mission of Gospel renewal in Orange County. Help support the work by picking one up here.

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Men’s Training Camp

I’ve had multiple men ask me when I was going to start another round of Men’s Training Camp like we did earlier this year. Here’s an introductory paragraph.

The goal is produce men who are firmly on the path to making disciples and planting churches. They will know who they are and what they are called to do. Basic Training will answer key questions that every man has in a way that addresses the head, heart, and hands by being a mixture of theological and life-skill instruction, practical application in their own lives and in the church, and physical discipline and team-building.

I’m planning what that could look like in 2014. Is this something you would be interested in participating in? There will likely only be 7 spots available. If so, you can get more information and apply here.

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Join the Mission

Tim Keller has helpfully shown why planting churches is the single best way to reach non-believers, the de-churched, new generations, new residents in a community, and to revitalize the churches in a region. 

We want to invite you to join us Jesus’ mission in Orange County. Maybe you’re passionate about reaching Orange County and want to see another Gospel outpost in the region. Maybe you’ve been on the sidelines for a long time and its time for you to get in the game. Maybe you left church awhile ago and need to experience Jesus’ grace and mission in a new way. We invite you to join this work in Orange County by emailing us here.

Because of Him,