Slow and steady is the name of the game. In the last update I compared this phase of church planting to laying the foundation of a building. Our foundation is Jesus and our highest value is the centrality of the Gospel in all of life. One way that plays itself out in our church is in and through community.



We Are Wired for Community

As humans we are wired to be in community.Thanks to some friends I was able to surprise Kim and take her to see Cold War Kids in concert this past week. As we watched the show I was reminded that there is a reason we love concerts and sporting events (college football!); why we love coffee shops or even gyms (like the one I go to). There’s even a subtle reason why we love shows like Breaking Bad and why TV Networks are scrambling to integrate Twitter in to their programming. Whether we are actively participating in an event or passively experiencing another, humans are wired for community.



God’s Design is For You to Be in Community

As the Triune God, the God of the Bible exists in community. He created man and woman. God tells Abraham that he will make him into a nation. Jesus calls twelve disciples and sends them out in pairs. The New Testament letters are written to churches of believers. From the nature of the God we worship and humans being made in his image, through both testaments of the Bible, God’s design is for his people to be in community, not in isolation.



Our Hope in Orange County

Yet, especially in Orange County, isolation doesn’t necessarily mean physical isolation. It is entirely possible to be surrounded by millions of people, even hundreds on a Sunday, and still be completely unknown. Our hope and desire at Cross of Christ is to call people out of compartmentalized lives to being known in community, from being simply authentic to being vulnerable. It is one thing to tell people what is going on in your life, it is something else to ask them to speak in to it. Being heard is one thing, being known another. Only the Gospel of Jesus frees us to live like that!

Pumpkin Carving Night in Community Group

Pumpkin Carving Night in Community Group

I’m thankful for a great core team that has undertaken this work with us. They are all-in when it comes to cultivating a church community of disciples shaped by the cross of Christ. 

2 Months In, 2 Months to Go

We are two months in to gathering a core group and two months from launch! I’d like to invite you to consider joining this community of believers.

  • If you are passionate about reaching Orange County, church planting is the best way to reach new generations, new residents, the non-religious, and the de-churched.
  • If you are hopping from church to church, taking from them and dating them like the worst guys date girls, then I invite you to repent, love and commit to Jesus’ people, and join the mission and adventure of church planting.
  • If you’ve been looking but don’t have a church family, we’d love to invite you to find your place in ours and help shape it as we grow. 

The best way to do that is to join us on a Sunday at 4pm. We have childcare if you need and we most often eat dinner together afterward

Lastly, a huge thank you to those of you from outside of Orange County who are praying for us and supporting us financially. This week alone we received multiple emails and texts of prayer and encouragement. We also received multiple financial gifts to support our family, this community, and the mission here. While we’re still well below what we need to hit budget, our giving is split almost 50/50 between internal giving and external giving. So, for those of you who are supporting, thank you! If you can help support the mission here in Orange County, you can do so here.

Because of Him,