Scripture: 1 Peter 2:9-10; Proverbs 18:1; Luke 22:31-34

Catechism Question: #41 | What is the Lord's Prayer


In the future, it seems, there will be only one “ism” — Individualism — and its rule will never end. As for religion, it shall decline; as for marriage, it shall be postponed; as for ideologies, they shall be rejected; as for patriotism, it shall be abandoned; as for strangers, they shall be distrusted. Only pot, selfies and Facebook will abide — and the greatest of these will probably be Facebook.
— Ross Douthat - New York Times, "The Age of Individualism"
The consequences could be dramatic: The excessive use of video games and online porn in pursuit of the next thing is creating a generation of risk-averse guys who are unable (and unwilling) to navigate the complexities and risks inherent to real-life relationships, school and employment.
— Dr. Phillip G. Zimbardo, CNN, "The Demise of Guys"

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