There are three reasons that we want to be a church that values history. 

  1. The humility and depth it gives a church by reminding us that we’re not the first to discover or love the Gospel. Everything we have has been handed down; we’re to pass it on to the next generation.  
  2. The faith and courage it builds. Especially in a time when many Christians are scared of the changes happening in the world around them, history is a great reminder that life has always been hard, but God has always been faithful.
  3. To make and be better missionaries. As we seek Gospel renewal in Orange County, there’s another way to look at why church history is going to be important to us. In our preaching and community, we strive to show how the Gospel practically applies to our lives and culture. The other side of the coin of cultural contextualization is understanding historical roots. They go together similar to how understanding your family of origin goes in to building your marriage.

I'd like to invite you to our first church history seminar on the life and lessons of Martin Luther. It is at 7pm on April 2nd at The Village Church in Irvine. The event is open to anyone and everyone and we look forward to growing as disciples and missionaries together.