We celebrated Jesus’ resurrection for the first time as a church at the beautiful Good Shepherd Chapel in Irvine. Our team came together to pull off special gift bags and face painting for the kids, great light breakfast options for everyone, flowers for the women, and a great Gospel-centered, celebratory service. So thankful for our church, our team, and the traditions we're building together.



Acts 29 

We are happy to announce that after over a year in the process, are now full members of Acts 29. I'm thankful for all of the great encouragement from all over - Orange County, Seattle, Mongolia, and Texas among others. It was also cool to see non-Christians respond to the news on social media. 

We want to be a church that plants churches, especially in Orange County. We’re already setting aside 10% of our internal giving towards planting. Even though at this stage funds are tight, we want to set the precedent and save for our first plant; similar to how we are saving for our daughters’ weddings even though they’re young. Acts 29 will be a great partner towards being and planting healthy churches in Orange County.

Planting Our Third Community Group

One of our values as a church is community - inviting people to turn from isolation to God’s good design of community. That is where we see God do his best work and where we see the most growth in people. Community is also connected to church planting because, very simply, the more disciples we make in community and the more groups we plant, the more churches we can plant.

We celebrated the launching of our third Community Group this past Sunday. In addition to Costa Mesa and Irvine, we now have a group in Lake Forest. If you’re not connected to the life of a local church in Orange County, we’d love to invite you to connect with ours.



Training Camp

The second round of our Men’s Training Camp ended a few weeks ago. It is one of my favorite things to do because of the growth we see in men through the time together. My friend, Pastor Matt Kyser from The Village Church Irvine, told me there was a study that Biola University commissioned looking at men in the church. They found that there is an ‘age of confluence’ for men - the age where all they’ve seen, learned, experienced, and done comes together and they actually become useful. That age in the church? (drumroll please) 50. Fifty years old. One of my hopes as a church is to gather young men and train them to be godly men, husbands, and fathers so that their wives, children, churches, workplaces, cities might flourish because those men were there. 

Paul Tripp

On June 13-14 we are hosting Paul Tripp’s first-ever marriage event in Orange County. After a strong grasp of the Gospel, strong Gospel-centered relationships and marriages create the foundation for a healthy church. This will be helpful for everyone from single folks to empty-nesters. Our hope is to help equip Christians in Orange County to better see how the Gospel is the only hope for lasting change and health in a marriage.