One Benefit of an Evening Service

This past Sunday we discovered one of the benefits of having an evening service; the ability to have a beach BBQ beforehand. Bodysurfing in 70 degree water, BBQ, friends, and worshipping Jesus made for a great Sunday! A big thanks to our Costa Mesa Community Group for hosting and coordinating!



Coming Up on One Year

This August is the first year mile marker in planting Cross of Christ and our young church has much to celebrate! 

• We baptized two of our friends!

• We have built a great foundation for healthy community in our Community Groups. Friendships are being built and flourishingsin is being confessedgrace is being given, people are praying for and serving one another, and on and on. The beach BBQ on Sunday was a great picture of that.

• We have grown from 8 folks in a living room to over 50 on a Sunday.

• We’ve been continually intentional in our worship in developing a modern liturgy

• We’ve planted 3 community groups around the county.

• We’ve started to lay the foundation of a generous and mission-minded church by setting aside 11% of our internal giving for church planting and benevolence.

• We were able to serve our city of Costa Mesa through a food drive and blood drive.

• We planted a seed of the value of church history by bringing a professor from Biola to teach us and folks from The Village Church about the life and lessons of Martin Luther.

• We came together to lead the Paul Tripp marriage event and partner with six other churches to serve hundreds of Christians in Orange County.


Renewal-Empowered Mission

That all adds up to giving us a sense of how God is shaping our church. I think you can sum it up by saying that we are Gospel-centered in a culturally engaging way. 

• People who have joined us from more traditional mainline churches have said that they never knew how the Gospel had to do with all of their lives - their work, relationships, etc.

• Others who have joined us from more seeker-sensitive megachurches have said they appreciate the weight and depth of the Gospel and the faith that they’re growing in at Cross of Christ - being exposed to church history, creeds, catechism, and hymns.

• Lastly, from people who were spiritual but not religious we’ve heard that they now see why Christianity and the Gospel ‘works’ compared to how they were trying to live before - our Creator and Savior has much to say about how to make sense of sin, suffering, and how life is best lived.

We’ve said that we are a church that is passionate about seeing Orange County renewed by the Gospel of Jesus. Maybe, in light of all of the above, a better way to say it is that we are pursuing renewal-empowered mission: mission that flows out of communion and personal renewal. 


How You Can Help

As we look forward to the second year of our church and living out a renewal-empowered mission, this is a great opportunity to ask you to pray about and consider your role. What could God be calling you to? 

1. Come join the work. Last week we welcomed a worship leader from The Village Church in Texas to our church family. He and his wife moved from Dallas to Orange County because they felt God leading them to love and serve Cross of Christ and the people of Orange County. Maybe that's you? If so, send us an email.

2. Invite a friend or family member you know in the area to join us. In the last few weeks I’ve talked to multiple new people on a Sunday who said they were there because someone told them to check us out. You can send them this page with all of the details.

3. Support the work financially. As a young church we need outside support and every dollar counts. Outside support made all of the above possible, and your support will help be one of God's means to see it continue. Here is our online giving page.

There is much to celebrate and pray for with our young church. Thank you for all of you who pray for us, have sent people to join us, and who support us financially! I’m excited to see where God leads in year two!