Sermon Text: Matthew 21:1-17

Scripture Referenced: Zechariah 9:9, Jeremiah 7:8-11, Psalm 8, Revelation 19:11-16

New City Catechism: Question #43 | Q: What are the sacraments or ordinances? A: The sacraments or ordinances given by God and instituted by Christ, namely baptism and the Lord’s Supper, are visible signs and seals that we are bound together as a community of faith by his death and resurrection. By our use of them the Holy Spirit more fully declares and seals the promises of the gospel to us.


“What galled Jesus was that people believed they could at least partially buy God. The temple was to be a space where people sought God’s Word and said their prayers. But when the temple became a place where, for a fee, one could be assured of divine pleasure without interrupting one’s way of living, the purpose of the temple was utterly debased.

When a church exists for comfort to the exclusion of challenge, for grace and not ever for judgment, she becomes a hideout for thieves rather than a house of God."

— Frederick Bruner


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