Sermon Text: Matthew 26:26-29

Scripture Referenced: Isaiah 53:7, 11, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Matthew 26:26-29

New City Catechism Question #44 | Q: What is Baptism? Baptism is the washing with water in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; it signifies and seals our adoption into Christ, our cleansing from sin, and our commitment to belong to the Lord and to his church.


”Sin isn’t only doing bad things, it is more fundamentally making good things into ultimate things. Sin is building your life and meaning on anything, even a very good thing, more than on God. Whatever we build our life on will drive us and enslave us. Sin is primarily idolatry." — Tim Keller, Talking About Idolatry in a Postmodern Age

“The Bible is one long story of God meeting our rebellion with His rescue, our sin with His salvation, our guilt with His grace, our badness with His goodness. The overwhelming focus of the Bible is not the work of the redeemed but the work of the Redeemer. Which means that the Bible is not first a recipe for Christian living but a revelation book of Jesus who is the answer to our un-Christian living.”  ― Tullian Tchividjian, One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World

"The reason Americans love sports is that it's the one spiritual experience you can have with a beer in your hand. We are a fractured, atomistic, self-regarding culture, but we connect through the shared experience of watching humans do superhuman things...So, as Tiger Woods approaches Augusta the errant knight returning to hallowed ground there is going to be one question on the minds of his followers: Will he be able to redeem himself? The answer reveals far less about Woods than about us and the strange hypocritical puritanism that is infecting our sports religion.

The good news for Woods is that our judgment of his morality is as phony as it comes Gawker puritanism, devoid of content. While Tiger Woods agonizingly searches for his lost Buddhism, Kobe Bryant appears on Modern Family. The puritans of previous eras at least believed that they had seen evil made real in the world. McCarthy and Cohn witch-hunted, but they legitimately hated communism. We like to judge people just for the pleasure of judging them. We'll hunt out the most squalid details of people's sex lives not because we believe their actions are wrong but just because we like seeing the wreckage of their suddenly human, blemished, relatably imperfect lives." — Stephen Marche, “Tiger Woods Will Be Redeemed”, Esquire, March 28, 2011

"Counterterrorism investigators have uncovered evidence the gunman who killed five service members last week in Chattanooga, Tenn., searched the Internet in the days leading up to the attack for Islamic materials about whether martyrdom would lead to forgiveness for his sins, like drunkenness and financial debt, according to law enforcement officials." — Chattanooga Gunman Researched Islamic Martyrdom, Officials Say, New York Times, July 22, 2015

"Every one of our sinful actions has a suicidal power on the faculties that put that action forth. When you sin with the mind, that sin shrivels the rationality. When you sin with the heart or the emotions, that sin shrivels the emotions. When you sin with the will, that sin destroys and dissolves your willpower and your self-control. Sin is the suicidal action of the self against itself. Sin destroys freedom because sin is an enslaving power. In other words, sin has a powerful effect in which your own freedom, your freedom to want the good, to will the good, and to think or understand the good, is all being undermined. By sin, you are more and more losing your freedom. Sin undermines your mind, it undermines your emotions, and it undermines your will." - Tim Keller




Praise to the Lord

White as Snow

I Love to Tell the Story


Hallelujah to my King


"God’s power at work in you through the Holy Spirit has life-giving power on the faculties that put that action forth. When he renews your mind through the truth of Scripture, the Holy Spirit revives your rationality. When the Spirit renews your heart or the emotions, you feel more deeply and appropriately. When the Spirit renews your will, he gives resolve to your willpower and self-control. The Holy Spirit is the life-giving power of God to make his people new creations. The Holy Spirit gives freedom because Jesus has conquered Satan, Sin Death & the Law. In other words, the Holy Spirit has a powerful effect in which your own freedom, your freedom to want the good, to will the good, and to think or understand the good, is all being transformed and renewed. By grace-driven obedience you are more and more growing in your freedom. The Holy Spirit renews your mind, your emotions, and your will." - Nick Bogardus