Cross of Christ,

The Church season of Advent starts this week. Advent is a time in the church year of preparation. Whereas the church season of Lent prepares us to remember and celebrate Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross (on Good Friday) and resurrection from the grave (on Easter), Advent prepares us to remember Jesus’ first coming on Christmas. 

How to Plan Traditions

This time of year is a great point to consider what traditions you currently, or one day would like to, celebrate as a family. I wrote a blog post especially for the men and fathers about this that I hope will be helpful for you.

Advent Devotionals

Here are some great resources to help you prepare your heart and soul to celebrate Jesus this Christmas. You can use any of them individually or with your family.

The Village Church Texas’ Advent Devotional

Desiring God’s Advent Devotional “Good News of Great Joy”

Redeemer Presbyterian’s Advent Meditations

Mission This Season

As a church we talk about renewal-empowered mission. One way to say it is that an experience of the Gospel always flows out into mission. Another is that healthy mission is rooted in personal affection for Jesus. Both affections without action and action without affection are distortions of God’s design for the Christian life. So, as we prepare our hearts and celebrate Jesus this Advent, be mindful of those you can be on mission to this season. Pray for who Jesus would want you to share the Gospel with – and look for opportunities to do so! – this Christmas season.

See you next Sunday at 4PM

With anticipation and gratitude,

Pastor Nick