As we close out our second year as a church we are continuing to see the way in which God is forming and growing our community; “Renewal-empowered mission” is the clearest way to articulate it. We want our mission – to help people know God’s love in Jesus, and to bring the Gospel to bear in every aspect of their life – to start with us, in our own hearts and lives first.

Perhaps the best way to show you is through our story and people.

We’ve doubled the number of Community Groups from three to six and just under 60% of Cross of Christ are in Community Groups.

Our attendance is up an average of 31% on Sundays.

We now have 33 members and 7 deacons committed to loving and serving our church.

We got to baptize a deacon.

We brought Dustin Kensrue (Thrice), David Zahl (Mockingbird Ministries), and Brett McCracken (Christianity Today) together for the Love, Suffering, & Creativity event in August.

We served the poor in Orange County through food drives and adopting families through Families Forward.

We moved into a new Sunday location that is great for both worship and mission.

We held two great retreats for our men (in Julien, CA) and women (in Lake Arrowhead).

We helped financially support 23 other churches in the Acts 29 and Sojourn networks and have given away over $6700 in benevolence to needs in our church.

Who do you say Jesus is?

“I don’t know how else to put this, but Jesus is the coolest person who ever lived. He is both fully God and fully man. He knew exactly what to say and how to say it. He walked with captivating power and dignity, and yet His actions were of humility and service. He is Messiah in all the moments I cannot run from my sin. He is near when my actions or thoughts isolate me. He is my companion, sharing my adventures and passions and sorrows. He is King over all the things I can’t do and don’t understand. He fights for my heart and never ceases in sending scripture, circumstances, or community to combat all my stone walls and rebellion. He is all of these and more, and as desperately as I need Him, his character is not dependent on anything that has to do with me. Show me someone cooler than that.” - Melissa

How has Jesus been faithful to you?

“He pursues me when I’m not pursuing him, he blesses me when there is absolutely no reason I deserve to be blessed. Actually, when I think about it, it's really hard to not see how Jesus has been faithful to me.” - Ben


Thank you for being a conduit of God’s provision and grace for us this year. We couldn’t exist without your support and I’m excited to see what God does in and through Cross of Christ in 2016!


Pastor Nick Bogardus

If you want to help the mission of Cross of Christ and the Gospel go forth in 2016,  please consider giving a tax deductible donation or setting up recurring giving.