SERMON TEXT: Matthew 3:1-17

SCRIPTURES REFERENCED: Luke 1:15, Proverbs 18:1, Proverbs 28:13

NEW CITY CATECHISM: Question #6 | How can we glorify God? We glorify God by enjoying him, loving him, trusting him, and by obeying his will, commands, and law.


  1. The Message of the Kingdom
  2. Two Responses to the Message
  3. The Baptism of the Son & The Voice of the Father


It is no exaggeration to state that the faithful who lived between the end of the first and
the end of the second centuries came to know the words and deeds of Christ on the
basis of this text.
— Manilo Simonetto, The University of Rome
John the Baptist comes like the last prophet of the Hebrew Scriptures and is a kind of walking, breathing law of God, full of doom and holiness and ultimacy...John is the law of God in person (though John also has gospel), and Jesus is the gospel in person (although Jesus also has law).
— Fredrick Dale Bruner, Matthew: A Commentary
The law is for the hard hearted. The gospel is for the broken hearted.
— Martin Luther
Jesus comes and goes all the way of what we think is a loser. He refuses steadfastly to go the way of the first Adam, to try to be a god. He goes the other way. He decides to be a human being. He sticks to it to the end. ‘He became obedient unto death, even death on a cross.’ This is his victory. The resurrection alone is not simply the victory. If so, it would mean he was our type of winner after all – that he ‘snatched victory from defeat’ at the last minute like some of our championship teams in spite of playing a bad game. No, it was precisely by losing in a world of winners that victory becomes possible. ForGod shocks everyone by raising this loser from the dead. God vindicates his cause by making this Jesus to be Lord and Christ.
— Gerharde Forde, A More Radical Gospel: Essays on Eschatology, Authority, Atonement and Ecumenism


Waken our hearts, O Lord, our God; make them ever watchful to serve You and Your purposes.

Trouble us with the smallness of our vision and work.

Trouble us with the greatness of Your command to make disciples of all nations. 

Trouble us with Your great love for sinners and our own slowness to make You our greatest love.

Trouble us with the brevity of our lives and time, talent, and treasure not invested in eternity.

Comfort us by drawing us to Yourself with the cords of Your unfailing mercy.
Comfort us, O Lord, with the assurance of our salvation and unending glory with You when we suffer and are afflicted.

Rekindle in us a renewed desire for the coming of Your glorious kingdom when all wrongs will be made right, when everything that is broken will be made whole, and when we will trade a cross for a crown.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

—Adapted from the Prayers of Martin Luther


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