SERMON TEXT: Matthew 2:1-15

SCRIPTURES REFERENCED: Matthew 2:1-15, Isaiah 53:6

NEW CITY CATECHISM: Question #5: What else did God create? God created all things by his powerful Word, and all his creation was very good; everything flourished under his loving rule.


  1. The Magi: Humanity Under the Power of Grace
  2. Herod: Humanity Under the Power of Sin
  3. Jesus: Our Representative


Withe the Magi, we see big things...

  1. All humans are lost by nature.
  2. Relationship with God only comes through the special revelation of Scripture and Jesus.
  3. We are all under grace.

As opposed to the “anti-gospel” of the following three quotes.

If a man does all within his power, God gives him grace.
— St. Bonaventure
God helps those who help themselves
— Benjamin Franklin

God gives the milk but not the pail
— English Proverb

During the twentieth century there are not only two world wars but at least six major
cases of genocide —the mass killing of Armenians by Turks in 1915, of Jews by Hitler, of Cambodians by the Khmer Rouge, of the Kurds of Northern Iraq by Saddam Hussein, of the Tutsi of Rwanda by the Hutu, and of Croats, Muslims, and the Albanians of
Kosovo by the Serbs.
— Brian Urquhart, The New York Times Review of Books

18% of Americans believe that even the smallest sin deserves damnation.
67% of Americans believe that everyone sins a little, but most people are by nature
68% of Evangelicals (more than Americans) believe that a person obtains peace with God by first taking the initiative to seek God & then God responds with grace.
— Ligonier Ministries, The State of Theology in America
We cannot know his blessings unless we recognize our evil.
— The Ausburg Confession
Man is not [as the scholastics say] ‘able by nature to want God to be God’; indeed, he wants himself to be God and he does not want God to be God
— Martin Luther, The Heidelberg Disputation



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