10,000 Reasons

Crown Him with Many Crowns

Great is Thy Faithfulness / Cornerstone


Psalm 23

What is meant by “pure in heart” is this: a heart that is watching and pondering what
God says and replacing his own ideas with the Word of God.
— Martin Luther


Waken our hearts, O Lord, our God;
make them ever watchful to serve You and Your purposes.
Trouble us with the smallness of our vision and work.
Trouble us with the greatness of Your command to make disciples of all nations. Trouble us with Your great love for sinners and our own slowness to make You our greatest love.
Trouble us with the brevity of our lives and time, talent, and treasure not invested in eternity.
Comfort us by drawing us to Yourself with the cords of Your unfailing mercy.
Comfort us, O Lord, with the assurance of our salvation and unending glory with You when we suffer and are afflicted.
Rekindle in us a renewed desire
for the coming of Your glorious kingdom
when all wrongs will be made right,
when everything that is broken will be made whole, and when we will trade a cross for a crown.
In Jesus’ name we pray,
— Adapted from the prayers of Martin Luther