Cross of Christ,

Wasn’t it great to be back in the Gospel of Matthew on Sunday? I love how going through books of the Bible together is always timely; the Bible always speaks. Sunday night we saw how Jesus is over our physical and spiritual chaos. A big thank you to the Prayer Team for praying for people during communion and worship. 

Renewal-Empowered Mission Together

An important reminder we saw in Matthew 8 Sunday night was that God’s design is for us to endure the chaos on mission together. One way we describe what we, as Cross of Christ Church, are about is ‘renewal-empowered mission’. What we mean is that renewal – seeing people renewed by the love and grace of Jesus – isn’t only a goal, it is a means. We naturally do and share what we love (Matthew 12:33-37). I am a better husband and father when I am deeply aware of how amazing my wife and kids are. I share everything from Bear Flag Fish Company to the new Mumford & Sons album because one is delicious and the other is beautiful. So whether it is a sermon, a community group discussion, our kids curriculum, or a song, my hope is that we are always aiming to help one another build our affections for Jesus.

Did you know there is a group of people who love you and are giving a lot of their time to learn how to do this better for you? There are a few ways we are trying to build renewal-empowered mission into the culture of our church.

  1. Our Community Group leaders, worship leaders, and service team leaders have been going through Paul Tripp’s “Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands” training since February.
  2. Our Community Group leaders are taking turns writing the questions for the groups each week so that each leader can grow in leading people to the Gospel from any passage of the Bible.
  3. We will be taking turns leading the group in devotions before every meeting in an effort to grow in explaining the Bible and applying the Gospel together.

I’m thankful for these men and women and their love for Jesus and you. When you see them this week, would you encourage them?

Church Planting & Benevolence

Two ways that mission plays out are multiplication and care. We set aside 11% of everything given internally to support others. Though we are a young church, God, through our church, has already been so gracious! Our elders and two elders from Sojourn have expressed how unheard of for a church at our stage to be doing the things we are – we are like an infant helping to make bottles for other infants. The money we give goes to support 17 churches in the Sojourn Network and 6 churches in Acts 29 West. We’ve also given close to $2000 in benevolence through Community Groups since the beginning of the year. It is wonderful to see grace and generosity already shaping the mission of our church.

Because of Him,

Pastor Nick