Why is that? We believe that songs, TV, movies, books, or poems created to address the human condition connect with people on a deeper level—especially in an age of spectacle.

Love, Suffering & Creativity is less than 6 weeks away and we couldn’t be more excited. Our hope for this evening is to to help Christians, particularly artists and creators, understand why certain works of art - whether movies, TV, books, or songs - resonate more profoundly than others. 

For each week leading up to the event on August 1st, we’ll be sharing work that exemplifies and speaks to the realities of the human condition. This week’s piece comes from Love, Suffering, & Creativity speaker, Brett McCracken. As a writer and journalist, Brett has written for such diverse publications as The Wall Street Journal, The Princeton Theological Review, Books & Culture, Christianity Today, and many others. In a post on his personal blog, The Search, he writes,

Yet for Christians, Friday and Sunday are equally crucial. The horror of death and the beauty of the resurrection are both essential. The tension of Saturday, between death and life, loss and victory, suffering and healing, is where we live. We are mortal, decaying, sin-sick creatures. Yet our redemption is secure in the resurrected Christ; we will be made new. . . .

Indeed, the arts are fundamentally about navigating the inherent restlessness of human existence—a grasping after shalom, equilibrium and peace in the midst of a chaotic, tortured, and lamentable world.

Upholding the work of such diverse figures as Christian Wiman, George Steiner, and Sufjan Stevens as examples, Brett’s blog explores how good art helps us to navigate “the fog of this liminal, Saturday space.” The post can be read in its entirety here. 

His books, Hipster Christianity: When Church and Cool Collide and Gray Matters, explore the complex and difficult issues that arise when Christians seek to be culturally relevant. They can be purchased here.

In addition, here’s the artwork for the event, created by our friend Jordan Butcher of Studio Workhorse, Inc.



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