Certain works of art affect you more than others.

Why is that? We believe that songs, TV, movies, books, or poems created to address the human condition connect with people on a deeper level—especially in an age of spectacle.

Love, Suffering & Creativity is 7 weeks away and we couldn’t be more excited. Our hope for this evening is to to help Christians, particularly artists and creators, understand why certain works of art - whether movies, TV, books, or songs - resonate more profoundly than others. 

For each week leading up to the event on August 1st, we’ll be sharing work that exemplifies and speaks to the realities of the human condition. This week’s piece comes from Love, Suffering, & Creativity speaker, David Zahl. In a talk given at the 2014 Mockingbird Conference, he says,

The death of one’s identity, which happens to all of us and may happen to us over and over again . . . may signal something new. The dismantling of the ego may actually spell the beginning of hope. Because remember desperation—that’s the birthplace of faith . . . when the law of who you should be finally runs its course, that’s when you might be open to hearing about something as antiquated, and silly, and absurd, as atonement, and the justification of the ungodly.

. . .

Because there are some wounds we might never get over, some identity markers that will never go away, some thorns so deeply lodged that they can’t be excised, some weaknesses which may grow worse, and if the Christian message is to be of any genuine comfort it must address those situations.

Drawing from the work of creators as diverse as David Foster Wallace and Pete Townshend, Zahl demonstrates how divine love meets our anxiety in the face of death and broken identities. The talk can be found in its entirety here.

His book, A Mess of Help: From the Crucified Soul of Rock N’ Roll, which explores similar themes by looking at various figures in popular music, can be purchased here.

In addition, here’s the artwork for the event, created by our friend Jordan Butcher of Studio Workhorse, Inc. 

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