Love, Suffering and Creativity is tomorrow!

If you haven't purchased tickets yet, you can do that here, or at the door. Tickets are just $20 and that also gets you a copy of Mockingbird's latest publication, The Forgiveness issue, as well as the latest publications from Biola's Center for Christian thought.

What will we learn at Love, Suffering and Creativity?


Dustin Kensrue

Creativity & The Love of God

Exploring the connections between God's love, Freedom, and Creativity. 




Brett McCracken

The Art of Seeing Like Jesus 

How can Christians become better makers and appreciators of art? Film critic and author Brett McCracken suggests that adopting a Jesus-like gaze and a posture of sacrifice is key. Only when we learn to look at things through a Jesus-like lens, and in the context of the suffering of the cross, will we maximize our potential as culture makers who reflect the image of Christ.

David Zahl

The Strange Grace of Television’s Golden Age

There has never been a better time to be a television viewer. Over the last decade or so, the medium has witnessed an explosion of thoughtful, engaging material—from absurdist comedy to widescreen drama and everything in between. In my talk we’ll take a look at a few particularly compelling examples, and see what, if anything, they can teach us about the nature of life and love, healing and hope, maybe even the way God works in the world.