Lamentations 3:22–24


1. How God Uses His Freedom: Constant Faithfulness
2. True Freedom From Our Ultimate Hope

Why are we so unfaithful? Why do we consistently choose our own freedom over God and others?

1. We aren’t faithful because we think we deserve better. We think our record is better than it actually is.

2. Because of FOMO. What if there will be a better option in two years? What if there is somebody better? What if there is somebody more appealing? A better fit? What if I change? What if what I want changes? We don't want to be the person who misses out on experiences. We do this with everything!

Because you’ve been loved when you deserved to be cut off, you’ve been loved at your worst. If you fail Jesus, he forgives. Your career, the people you desperately want to respect or like you, your degree, anything you put in your ultimate hope in can’t and won’t die for your sins. Knowing how you’re loved by Jesus frees you to fail. All of us have some standard we are trying to live up to and only Jesus who came to meet that standard for you, died to forgive, and rose to give you new life. You are free to fail.

You’re also free to say ‘no’. Another way to look at putting your hope in Jesus is to return faithfulness for faithfulness. Faithfulness should beget faithfulness. You’re free to not be the center of the universe and let Jesus be. You’re free to say no to yourself and to live for something beyond yourself. How freeing to discover that the true love we long for can be known by saying “no”.


1. How have you seen the faithfulness of God that we see in these verses in your own life? Share that with your CG.
2. Where in your life do you choose your own freedom over God and others? Share that with your CG.


Come and Stand Amazed

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Joy Has Dawned


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