1 Peter 1:3-9


Hope vs Living Hope
Living Hope Will Endure Trials
Living Hope is in Jesus


It’s hard to be hopeful at times. It’s hard to be patient. It’s hard to submit to God’s will when it conflicts with what we want. It’s hard to see our hopes dashed at times. And so, we need to remind ourselves that there are limitations to the hopes of this world, they are never guaranteed, nor will they ever fully satisfy or save us. Instead, Peter points us to the bigger and more awesome living hope we already have in Jesus. It is only through this living hope in Jesus that we have any hope in our day to day.
— Phil Neujahr
Cross of Christ, our hope lives because our Savior lives. At the heart of a living hope is the eternal love of God we have through Jesus. When our hopes fail us, our living hope in Jesus sustains us. We don’t need to come to him hopeful about our situations, there is no shame or guilt in your brokenness. Because He came to give hope to the hopeless.
— Phil Neujahr


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