Psalm 139, Jonah 1:3


1. God Knows Everything
2. God Everywhere
3. God is Powerful (& Personal)
4. God is Just


We desperately want to be seen and desperately want to be known. On the other hand, we desperately fear being seen, and we desperately fear being known.

Why? Because we want to be loved. The only way to be loved is to be known, but we know that means letting people all the way down. And that risks being rejected.
— Pastor Nick
But God knows and sees everything. He “hems in, behind and before”. He is all around. It can feel smothering, terrifying. Added to this is the aspect of our human condition that our culture has enthroned as supreme — self-determination and autonomy. I can do what I want, when I want, how I want. I have to be me, have life my way, I have to decide what is right or wrong, what is good and true. If I don’t have that freedom then I have had rights taken away. That is how we are AND that is the highest value in our culture.

And the God we see in Psalm 139 is a terrifying threat to that. If he knows everything and stands over everything and can do anything then he gets the final say over my life, over what is right and wrong, over how life is best lived. Here is the essence of sin — telling God we don’t need him, our way is better.

And if that kind of God exposes our need to be known and loved and yet our very fear at being exposed, and that kind of God overwhelms our self-determination and autonomy, our response is often escape, which is where David goes next.
— Pastor Nick
Running and hiding is as old as the beginning of the Bible when Adam and Eve ran and hid from God behind leaves. In the midst of suffering and adversity, we are all working in some way to run, hide, and cover.

You will keep busy. You’ll keep working and be unavailable to anyone. You will be needed and meet other people’s needs but not be available to anyone. You will deflect.

You will shut down. You will commit to no one, you will live your life like Don Draper or Trainwreck. Everything will be superficial, all fun and no intimacy. Or you’ll simply go inward and shut yourself up in your room or isolation.

At the bottom, either tactic is simply running and hiding.
— Pastor Nick
Being known gives the other person power. Having God over us gives him power. If we give this other person that kind of power, how are they going to use it? Will they reject us? Will they exploit us?

The God we see in Psalm 139 uses his infinite knowledge and infinite power and infinite presence to guide us, uphold us, to be with us — no matter the darkness. This is the God you WANT in the midst of suffering and adversity; this is the God worth worshipping, worth surrendering your finite autonomy too, worth following.
— Pastor Nick
[verse 12] The third stanza brings together and moves forward the other two: God not only sees the invisible and penetrates the inaccessible, but is operative there, the author of every detail of my being. 
— Kinder, 501
God has uniquely made each person in his image — its not a matter of usefulness or productivity or convenience but of who sits on the throne. If God sits on the throne then he gets to stand over our lives, our birth and death.
— Pastor Nick
When you see that the infinitely present, infinitely powerful, infinitely just God gave his Son, Jesus for rebels and those who preferred their way over his; when you see that Jesus took the absence of God, the abandonment of God that we thought we wanted and deserved, that on the cross Jesus cries out that “Why have you forsaken me?”; when you see that Jesus allowed himself to stand in the place of God’s adversaries and receive the hate they deserved; when you see that God is for you and with you —you stop running and hiding and you follow.
— Pastor Nick
God made you personally and intimately; all your strengths, weaknesses, gifts, limitations. He has every day planned for you, down to your last. When you take your last breath, he will know it. He didn’t plan, make you, and walk away but he thinks about you more than you can ever imagine. 

There is nothing you are facing that he doesn’t know about, that he hasn’t made you for, that he isn’t concerned about, that he isn’t with you in the midst of.
— Pastor Nick


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