Psalm 73


Why did he doubt? Beneath the doubt was envy.
What did he envy? The wicked prospered and he suffered.
Envy; doubt is not just an intellectual problem. It is social and emotional as well.
Where did he go? The way out of doubt: thinking, experience
What happened? The way out of doubt: a reminder of what true life is and envying that, building your affections.


First of all, envy is wanting somebody else’s life. You want somebody else’s life. You see they have something better than you and instead of rejoicing in the good they have, you weep over the fact you don’t have it. You are obsessed with and you focus on the fact you don’t have it. So envy, to start with, is wanting the aspects of somebody else’s life.
— Timothy J. Keller, The Timothy Keller Sermon Archive (New York City: Redeemer Presbyterian Church, 2013).
But the prosperity of wicked and unjust men, both in public and in private life, who, though not leading a happy life in reality, are yet thought to do so in common opinion, being praised improperly by the works of poets, and all kinds of books, may lead you…to a belief that the gods care nothing for the affairs of men.
— Plato
“I want you to consider that when doubts come into your life, it’s because your understanding of God was too small to handle it. The way to get through it is not just simply to go back to the way in which you believed before. You have to have a broader view of God, a bigger view of God, and that’s exactly what he does here.”
— Timothy Keller


Praise To The Lord

Father You Are All We Need

God Is Good

Be Thou My Vision

How Great Thou Art