Psalm 75, Isaiah 10:12–15, James 4:13-16, Psalm 10:13, Matthew 24:48-51, Mark 10:37-38, Mark 14:36, Ephesians 2:4-5


How is your relationship with God? Does he not feel near like this Psalmist is describing?

1. How is your prayer life?
2. What proportion of your talking to God is gratitude? How much is complaining? How much is requesting?


I keep swingin’ my hand through a swarm of bees;
I can’t understand why they’re stingin’ me
But I’ll do what I want
I’ll do what I please
I’ll do it again ‘til I’ve got what I need
I’ll rip and smash through the hornet’s nest
Do you understand I deserve the best?
’Til you do what I want
I’ll do what I please
I’ll do it again ‘til I’ve got what I need
— Dustin Kensrue
The cross is God’s clearest declaration that he holds everything together when it seems to falling apart - that at the darkest moment in human history, God was holding everything together for your good. When the Son of God was being murdered by wicked and arrogant men for the sin of mankind, God purchased our forgiveness. When all appeared overwhelmingly evil, like darkness was going to come out with the victory, he used it for good. that his ways are not our ways; that he stands over everything and everyone and we will all have to give an account. When death seemed ultimate and final, Jesus burst from the grave to win eternal life for us. God holds everything together.
— Pastor Nick