This last weekend, we held our annual women's retreat. We asked a few of our leaders for a brief recap of the weekend, which will you will find below along with some photos.

"The theme of this year's retreat was A Fearless Faith. We played games, shared some laughs, hiked, did yoga, painted, and enjoyed getting to know each other on a deeper level. Part of that relational depth involved digging into the fears that we experience: judgment, death, what we can and cannot control, etc. It was spiritually challenging, but I firmly believe that the Holy Spirit worked and is continually working on our hearts to reveal God to us and combat our fears. We praised God for His attributes of being sovereign, gracious, in control, loving, good, relational, changeless, and all-knowing. We confessed sin that we do not believe God's attributes to be true, which often leads us to fear and anxiety. We asked for help in our unbelief. Finally, on the last morning, we encouraged and affirmed one another through one of God's attributes that we see in each other. It was beautiful to see God more clearly through the grace and compassion that I witnessed in conversations and prayer with the ladies at Cross of Christ."

- Courtney Neujahr 

"Our hope for this year was to tackle fear by seeing how good and unchanging God’s character is.  I was in awe at the transparency that everyone displayed and had such a blast getting to know each lady in our church better.  One of my favorite moments was hearing all of us sing together for the first time.  It was a truly unifying time and made me smile knowing that I get to worship God forever with these wonderful gals- it gave me a glimpse of heaven and made my heart so thankful for each lady in our church and the work God is doing in and through them.

There were many laughs (crazy things happen during heads up! haha), lots of sharing, and setting apart time to get to love each other by listening and reminding them of God’s love for them.  These retreat weekends bring me so much joy knowing that our relationships with both God and each other are the better because of them.  My heart is truly thankful. "

- Kim Bogardus

"Retreat was a wonderful opportunity to slow down and strengthen our relationships with God and one another. It was so encouraging to see people having fun together, crying together, and praying together. The fresh air, cozy cabin, and mountain views set the scene for a restful and renewing weekend!"

- Sarah Hilken