Acts 17:16-34, 1 Corinthians 15:14


1. What Paul saw and felt in the culture. 
2. What Paul said about God.
3. The Resurrection of Jesus.


The upshot is a hermeneutics of suspicion; if someone tells you that he or she has converted to unbelief because of science, don’t believe them. Because what’s usually captured the person is not scientific evidence per se, but the form of science: “the appeal of scientific materialism is not so much the cogency of its detailed findings as that of the underlying epistemological stance, and that for ethical reasons. It is seen as the stance of maturity, of courage, of manliness, over against childish fears and sentimentality”

So while such converts to unbelief tell themselves stories about “growing up” and “facing reality” — and thus paint belief as essentially immature and childish — their “testimony” betrays the simplistic shape of the faith they’ve abandoned.

It’s not just that belief in supernatural entities becomes implausible; it’s that pursuing a way of life that values something beyond human flourishing becomes unimaginable.
— James K.A. Smith, How (Not) to be Secular
No wonder these young people keep drinking. The hollowness at the center of their lives—the increasing abandonment of religion, the untethering of sexuality not just from relationships but even from kindness, the race to jump aboard the STEM express because that’s where the money is, the understanding of eventual parenthood as something that will be subordinated to the management of two successful careers, and the understanding that their own parents care so little about them that they will happily allow them to sustain the kind of moral injuries that blackout behavior often engenders—would make too much consciousness hard for anyone to take.
— Caitlin Flanagan, The Atlantic, Sept. 2016
The resurrection is the opposite of the way the world works.
Death doesn’t reign. Sin doesn’t reign. Instead of the community-breaking, enslaving freedom of the Epicureans, the Resurrection means that through Jesus there is life and freedom now and forever.
Judgment isn’t the last word, grace is. Instead of the detached moral duty in the face of suffering of the Stoics, the Resurrection is the work of a God who initiates, enters, suffers, and fulfills all virtue for us.
Satan doesn’t reign, God does. If death, sin, and judgment don’t reign, then our enemy has been disarmed and it is, as it has always been, God who reigns.
The Resurrection of Jesus Christ means that it is not up to you - the weight and burden of finding ultimate meaning, purpose, and hope in yourself is lifted and put where it was always intended to be, in God. Jesus has rescued, brought life for you now and forever.
— Pastor Nick


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