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The Gospel: Kingdom
The Gospel: Cross
The Gospel: Grace


The Kingdom of God is the place where what God wants done gets done. The Kingdom of God is the reign of God in the hearts and lives of people who love Him. To live in the Kingdom of God is to see that Jesus is our good King and all of his mandates are for our joy. Living this way can be thought of simply as life with God.
— Daniel Montgomery
You’re just a songwriter, you ain’t a preacher.
We came to mourn you not to look in the mirror.
Sing about those hard times, sing about those women.
We love the broken not the forgiven.
— David Ramirez, The Forgiven
The gospel of God’s cross is the good news that, through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, we have been made right with God. “The Cross” is short- hand for everything Jesus accomplished in his life, death and resurrection. In his life, Jesus lived the life of perfect obedience that we fail to live. In his death, Jesus received the punishment for sin you and I deserve. In his resurrection, Jesus destroyed the controlling power of sin in our lives. Jesus has not only received the punishment that all people deserve, he has also freed his people from slavery to sin and clothed them in his perfect right standing with God.
— Daniel Montgomery


Hallelujah To My King

In Christ Alone

Man of Sorrows

King of my Heart

Grace Alone