Acts 2:42-47


It was a learning church.
It was a worshipping church.
It was a loving church.
It was an evangelistic church.


Biblical literacy is a huge problem in the American church, and it makes many of the challenges [the church is facing more pronounced and difficult to address.] Quite simply, people in churches (and even more so those not in churches) may pay lip service to the importance of the Bible, but by and large they do not read it or know it. Surveys have found that 82 percent of Americans think “God helps those who help themselves,” is a Bible verse. 12 percent think Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife. 50 percent of graduating high school students think Sodom and Gomorrah were husband and wife. It’s embarrassing, and there is much work to do.
— Brett McCracken, “21 Challenges Facing the 21st Century Church”
Where no attention is given to teaching, and to constant, lifelong Christian learning, people quickly revert to the worldview or mindset of the surrounding culture, and end up with their minds shaped by whichever social pressures are most persuasive, with Jesus somewhere around as a pale influence or memory.
— NT Wright, Acts for Everyone, 44-45

Mommy used to pick me up from soccer practice. A: Uber. 
Mommy used to do my laundry. A: Flycleaners. 
Mommy used to clean my room. A: Handy. 
Mommy used to buy me groceries. A: Blue Apron. 
Mommy used to cook me food. A: Seamless.
And they even call it “mom-tech.” We’re letting our lives be dictated by brogrammers who want to breastfeed forever.
— Matt Ruby, “Side Hustle” as a Sign of the Apocalypse
If God used predictable people and principles to change the heart we would soon master the principle and replicate the people—and thus exclude him from the process. He won’t allow us to do this.
— Dan Allender and Tremper Longman, The Cry of the Soul, page 168