1. A Consistent God (No one likes a hypocrite).
  2. A Warning - We don’t get what we deserve, so turn.
  3. An Invitation - We get what we don’t deserve, so turn.


The real issue we have with hypocrites is not their inability to “practice what they preach,” but instead their belief in their own virtue. As they say it, “We contend that the reason people dislike hypocrites is that their outspoken moralizing falsely signals their own virtue…

..Moral condemnation seems to act as a particularly powerful signal of behavior — more powerful than even direct statements about behavior.

Once you understand moral criticism this way, you can see why people feel deceived by hypocrites. In another set of studies, we found that people viewed hypocrites as dishonest — more dishonest, in fact, than people who uttered outright falsehoods.
— Ethan Richardson, Mockingbird