We exist to help people know the love of God in Jesus and live it out in all of their lives.


To see Orange County renewed spiritually, socially, and culturally by the Gospel of Jesus.


By 2020, Cross of Christ Church desires to glorify God by becoming a church:
• Where sleepy Christians are awakened, cultural Christians meet Jesus, and non-believers come to faith in him.
• Where we have baptized 50 people in our first five years.
• Where Jesus has multiplied our number in such a way that we plant one church in the county and at least 5 Community Groups in each region of the county (North, Central, Coastal, Southern).
• Where that growth serves and influences 3000 people in the county through Gospel-centered training events; and $20,000 is given in benevolence, gospel influence, and care.


The Bible is our authority.
We desire to be biblical, not just theological. Luther, Calvin, and Keller
are great, but our ultimate reliance and sure foundation is the Bible. 
This gives us courage, humility, and generosity in what we believe. 

The Gospel is central.
The Gospel is not the ABC’s but the A-to-Z of Christianity. The good news of God’s ransoming of sinners through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus is central in everything from worship gatherings to community groups.

We were made for relationship. 
Jesus saved us into a new relationship with the Father and one another. God is glorified and his people are transformed as we strive to be a community that loves, serves, challenges, encourages one another.
Personal renewal leads to mission.
We consistently aim to increase our affections for Jesus. Since we naturally share what we love, our affection becomes the catalyst for sharing Jesus with others. 
Relational credibility and trust.
We are honest and vulnerable so that when we talk about Jesus our words and actions are in agreement.

Honoring our heritage and one another.
We have a rich heritage from the faithful who have come before us, from whom we gain encouragement and wisdom. We honor and are generous with one another; cynicism, vain conceit, and selfish ambition are enemies of the Gospel and destroy community.
Flourishing of the home, church, and city.
We believe God’s good design for men and women leads to flourishing and we take responsibility for our God-given roles in our homes, church, and cities.